Wednesday, December 14, 2011

THICK AS THIEVES mini print packs!!!

The THICK AS THIEVES mini-print packs have been printed by the ever awesome Andrew Crawshaw (Broken Press) and they look incredible!

Each Pack includes:
- 5 mini-prints with designs from Glyn Smyth, Tom Denney, Casey McKinley, Mark McCormick, and Santos.
- Thick As Thieves patch
- *bonus* Santos mini print.
- Artist info sheet.
150 packs printed with 100 available for purchase.
All packs are in a 9"x9" printed envelope and hand numbered.
The THICK AS THIEVES packs will be:
- $25 ppd - N. AMERICA
-$30 ppd - WORLD.

(if the "add to cart" button isn't working, please message or email me)

THICK AS THIEVES mini print pack

The hope would be to have THICK AS THIEVES become a continuing series of packs that assemble as many known and unknown artists as possible.

THANK YOU to Glyn Smyth, Casey McKinley, Mark McCormick, Tom Denney, and Andrew Crawshaw. I look forward to the next edition.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Torche Xmas!

I told you all about the new TORCHE "Xmas"shirts that they had with them on the Part Chimp tour last month and some of you now have them. I finally get to post a pic of the new design. It's a fun a cartoony design of Santa's reindeer turning on him. I've enjoyed working with the guys because they have had me sketching up designs that are unlike any that I usually am commissioned to do. Just wait until you see the new Torche album cover.