Tuesday, September 25, 2012


The second edition of the THICK AS THIEVES mini print pack series is now available. This installment sees a new roster of artists, 6 new designs, and the start of the use of a theme. This pack's theme is Childhood Fears/local Creatures Of Lore and the artists have also written short essays to accompany their intense designs.
Quick pic of the printed envelope, mini story book, and prints.
The pack will include all original art on six 3 -color prints from:
   -Alison Lilly
   - Mike Fisher 

   - Christopher Parry
   - Konstantinos Psichas
   - Demian Johnston
   - Alexandros Pyromallis
   -18 pg. mini story booklet
   - Limited Edition of 50 and will not be re-printed
   - All packs are in a 9"x9" printed envelope and hand numbered
   - Print sizes are 8"x8" with Alexandros' print at 8"x5"
$25 N. America
$30 World

THICK AS THIVES Second Edition

A HUGE thanks to the artists involved, Andy Crawshaw at Broken Press/112 Printworks, Cvlt Nation, and all of you that have been picking up the packs and letting people know about the Thick As Thieves project. THANK YOU ALL!!!
The first edition featuring Mark McCormick, Casey McKinley, Tom Denney, Glyn Smyth, and Santos can be found here:

Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Neurosis song at NPR!!!

Jason and Dave Ed wearing my designs.
NEUROSIS has just released the new track, "At The Well",  from their forthcoming 10th album "Honor Found in Decay". NPR has been killing it the past few years by premiering songs and albums from some of metals top artists. No doubt that they made everyone's day with the news of the Neurosis song. I can tell you that not only was my day made by hearing it, but as soon as I saw their new promo photo I was beyond stoked. Jason Roeder is wearing my "Reptilian" art shirt (he also printed them) and Dave Edwardson is wearing the Kylesa "The Constant" shirt design that I inked. Made my year with that one!

You can hear the new track here:

NEUROSIS "At The Well" from Honor Found In Decay

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A little bit of news and a TORCHE teaser.

Evil Harmonster is evil. You'll see how evil soon enough.
 It's almost a month until I leave for the Converge/Torche/Kvelertak tour and I'm feverishly working on a few projects before I go.

The first is a recently finished new 7" cover/t-shirt design for Torche. They'll have both on the upcoming tour in the US. I wish that I could show you more than the small detail pic (above), but you'll all have to wait a bit longer.

In other news, Randy is out of jail and Lamb Of God will be out on the road, touring with In Flames. On this tour, I should have 2-3 shirt designs over at the merch booth. There also may be some other artwork on that tour from me. I've been dying to post the designs up, but will have to wait until the tour starts October 30th.
You can catch them here:

The illustrations that I did for Epic Ales will be available in the next few weeks. The first beer being released will be called "Pumkin Pie Goose". I'll post up some info about that project as soon as he gets them bottled and ready to go.

The THICK AS THIEVES Second Edition packs had a small delay, as I sent Andy the wrong file and the cover was printed as a negative. Yeah, that sucked. Now, Andy has the correct file and I have re-ordered the envelopes to be re-printed. The official release date for the packs will now be September 25th, 2012. Everything will be ready to go by then. I already have the prints and they looks so sick!!!

The grey skies are coming, so it's time to stay in the art room and kick out some new shit.