Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bus Rides & Mercury Mountain

 July has started out to be a hectic month. I went out and found a job working at a t-shirt screen printing studio, 40 hours a week. As you may have guessed, that leaves only spare time to work on art. I'm getting up around 6am, catching a bus that takes an hour to get to and from work, coming home, cleaning up, eating, and then going directly to the art table. The weekends are spent working on designs, as well. I am about a week and a half behind in my scheduling, but hope to make it up with the next few designs being sketched out already. 
 That being said, I had been working on a cover for Boston, Massachusetts own Riff Cannon. These guys play some really good sludge/stoner rock and from what I have heard, Mercury Mountain will be an album that gains much attention. The cover image is taken from the lyrics to "Mercury Mountain" & " The Oracle" as both songs fit into the motif that I wanted to display. I tried to add a lot of texture to the design, as not to lose any of the detail and shape. Looking at it it feels like I didn't do much in the way of detail, but when it comes down to it, this design had me entrenched in the detail and keeping the design symmetrical. I like the finished product and the guys are happy with it too, so that is all a guy can ask for. You can hear some songs and find out more at . 


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