Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free of work and Kicking Korners.

  It's December and I'm once again working for myself. This time, things are coming together and the projects are plentiful. I'm working on getting some t-shirt, hoodies, baby clothing, prints, and a leap into doing colored/painted pieces (as well as the b&w designs). I'll keep posting more info on the merchandise as it becomes available.  
  As for the job, I did enjoy working at the print shop, but realized how much time it consumed and took away from art.  It was getting far too hard to keep up with the schedule that I had and I ended up having to apologize to people and assure them that I wasn't slacking on their art. It's hard to work all day, commute an hour back and forth, and come home and  work on art until I passed out. It takes a toll on the body and I just couldn't keep doing that to myself. So, here I am. Once again. Working on art. Nothing could be better.
   One of the first things that I was able to do was a cover for one of my best friends' band. They're called Suburban Korner Kick and they play indie rock with some similarities and sound akin to fIREHOSE. That would make sense as one of the main writers in the band is from Ohio. This is the second cover that I've been able to do for him  (2007's Plan B: To Linger, Remain, Or Persist)  and it's been a nice change of pace working with a band of a different genre. Both covers have
 been a change in that I am out of my element in making more simplified designs. For the new cd, Maybe Tomorrow, Chris and I went over many ideas before reaching the final design. The cds were ready before hand and the art on them featured a bison in a field. We wanted to tie the cd art in with the cover in some way and thought of the idea of expanding the field on the cover. The title helped to fill in the rest of the idea. What we ended up with was a nice country road with a line of phone/electrical poles running along side. The poles show the wear of being exposed to the elements in that they are sinking, crooked, and some of the lines have snapped. Seeing as the poles aren't cared for, they're just another place to hang some laundry out to dry. The only problem would be the storm on the horizon. The idea was that Maybe Tomorrow was part of the attitude to be contained in the design. The phone/electrical workers to lack of  keeping up maintenance on the poles. Maybe tomorrow. The storm is coming and the laundry needs to be taken off of the line. Maybe tomorrow. It's
 really not as serious as it sounds, though. The laundry on the line does add a nice comedic touch to the cover. The adding of the Suburban Korner Kick logo on the sign was a continuation from the first cover, where an astronauts air tank had the logo affixed to the side

  The back is an up close shot of some of the laundry on the line. Chris is going to add the song titles to the center of the shirt. You can check out their music at and

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