Monday, May 10, 2010

May is Kylesa month!

 It's looking like May will officially be Kylesa month for me. Besides designing the front and back cover of the new album, Phillip has informed me that the cover art will be expanded in other designs associated with their stage set-up. I'll be designing drum heads, a backdrop banner, and smaller banners for the sides of the stage. It'll be a total art overdose. 
 The project is coming along great as both Kylesa and the label want me to take part in helping them come up with packaging for the new cd/lp. It doesn't happen too often, but it is a good day when a band actually let's me a part of designing the items that my art will be going on. So, be prepared for a unique CD package on this one. 
 Other than most of the month being dedicated to Kylesa, I'll be working up some sketches for projects that need to be started or finished up. Some of the projects have been harder than others to come up with and not every idea given to me by bands or individuals are good. Others, leave it open for me to work and that's when I work best. Thanks to those who allow me to let my mind loose. 

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  1. Sounds awesome...great when you're allowed to run with your own ideas!