Friday, July 2, 2010

Halfway there.

 The year is half way over. I can't believe it. Just the other day it was winter and I was hoping for the warm weather to come. Well, it's not quite here yet, but July usually means that the heat is coming soon. Along with waiting for the sun to shine I'll have to wait until October to see the release of Kylesa's new album. The art is finished and the packaging is being finalized this weekend, so I can breathe a small sigh of relief. 
 The new Kylesa album will be released on Season Of Mist and is scheduled for a mid to late October release. The album will be titled "Spiral Shadow" and there will be 2 versions of the CD, as well as being issued on vinyl. The first version will be a limited edition 3D lacquered digipak that includes a CD and DVD.  The 2nd will be a regular edition in a standard jewel case.
  I have to thank my friend Casey for doing a fantastic job with the layout and graphic design work on the cover. It looks incredible. You can see some of  Casey's design work, sketches, and artwork at . He's a great guy and a sick designer, so if you need any graphic design work get a hold of him.
 Next up on the schedule is the design for Buzzov-en. The idea from Kirk is that of a phoenix and the sketch is coming along smoothly. I'll post up a detail of the sketch soon. Until then, go out and play in the sun. If you live here, go out and frolic in the rain.


  1. We're frolicking in the rain here too, which is odd cause normally this time of year in greece things can get pretty messy, like 80F messy. Anyway, can't wait to see the Kylesa cover man. take care, talk soon. Kon.

  2. Cheers for the comment on the new Clone art Santos...though I think you've nailed the symmetry / detail thing better than myself...

    Looking forward to seeing your new Kylesa artwork. They play Ireland in a few days...can't wait.