Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The new Noisear, Kylesa, and a NW green chile weekend.

I know that it's been a while since I posted anything, but it's been busy over the past few months. I'm finally rested after the 6 week Sanctioned Annihilation Tour came to an end and I'm back in the art room.
Since I've been back, I've been working on sketches for the next few projects that are coming up. I've also started up where I left off on the Hell Hath No Fury "So Shall You Reap" cover. Among the projects coming up during the month are a new Kylesa shirt design, Buzzov-en European Tour shirt, and original designs for a new sticke
r pack. Prints are also being worked on. I have more designs coming up, but am going to take more time on them so that I can up the ante on the work that I am putting out.
The new Noisear "Subvert The Dominant Paradigm" cd/lp has been posted for pre-sale at Relapse Records ( For those of you who don't know who Noisear ( should really check them out. Once again, my hermanos from New Mexico turn out a brutal assault on the ears via 29 sun baked spazztic grindcore tracks. I was amped when Dorian called to ask if I could once again design the cover for the new LP. He sent me a text filled with a string of words, each being small ideas to be included in the cover . I took those ideas and added in the images that the album title suggested and ended up with a cover that everyone was happy with. Of course, th
e basis of the image is the New Mexico zia constructed of bone that lies behind most of the main images. The nuclear bomb cloud is also a nod to New Mexico and their history of tests within the state. When thinking about the dominant paradigm, I wanted to convey the idea of brainwashing under the watchful eye of the dark powers that be. I also tied the nuclear cloud in with the vomit coming from each of the skulls mouths to convey that what spews from the mouths of society is as poisonous as any nuke. Dorian, Joe, and the guys at Relapse are pretty stoked on the cover and I can hardly wait until I have it in my hands.
In other news, I just got done tour managing Kylesa's 3 mini Pacific Northwest Tour over the past weekend. I stuffed them full of green chile and had a blast watching them tear shit up on stage. They started in Vancouver, BC at the Media Club, for a packed and heavy show featuring locals Haggatha and Baptists. The next night was at Seattle's own Funhouse. The show was sold out and stuffed to capacity as Book Of Black Earth, Lesbian, and Kylesa laid waste to the stage. The 3rd night was actually a private party/show in Portland, OR. It was Stumptown Coffee Roasters 11th Anniversary Bash and they managed to put together one hell of a show with Red Fang, Kylesa, and Baroness. Portland was cold outside, but inside of Berbati'
s Pan it was raging. We were all treated exceptionally well and were completely grateful to the folks at Berbati's and Stumptown. That party makes me want to work for them. heh. It was a great weekend and a fun quick visit from the Kylesa crew.
I will be seeing them again soon, though. Starting January 13th, Kylesa will be embarking on a 2 week East Coast "Winter Tour" with Zoroaster, Rosetta, and Fight Amp. You can find all of the tour dates and news at: I'll be once again tour managing and slinging merch for this tour, so come out and say hi, get me high, whatever. Just come out and have a good time!
Back to work for me. Every day I'm hustlin'.


  1. Stoked on the sticker pack! Keep me posted!

  2. For sure! I made an addition of 25 the first time that I made them, so I might make 50 this time.