Friday, April 8, 2011

The mighty Fight Amp.

For some unknown reason, I always find myself rushing to finish up a job before I leave on any trip that I take. I couldn't possibly break my annoying habit before I left for the Metalliance Tour, so I finished a new design for Fight Amp entitled "Blue Collared". It will be available on their US tour starting April 14th in Philadelphia, PA. You can find tour dates and more here:
I start
ed the design by talking to Mike about the ideas behind Manners and Praise and about individual songs off of the album. He told me that he and Jon had worked construction and the lyrics simply came from observing the lives being lived around them and the construction site. He also in formed me that they were working for a Christian construction company and told me about his time working with good people who often discussed their views with them. The album was a homage to the working class. Starting with the school children marching off to a daily helping of misinformation and conformity. To the man who continues that march into his late years. I wanted to capture a bit of the anguish and hidden subtleties of what it takes to be a blue collar worker. I started with the main character standing front and center, wrapped in the American flag. The wrench in his right hand is one of the tools of the trade in many instances and it fit the idea. I added the two imps in suits to show the slave/master aspect of being a life long worker and killing themselves for someone else. The control and money flows. The final touch was the "cradle to grave" figures flanking the man. On the right, you have the school children. Bound, blind, and malleable. Then to the left you have the elderly beaten down and still bound and controlled. Empty husks of the life that's been taken from them. I guess that's my idea of the corporations who employ most of the blue collar workers of this country. I've worked in numerous factories and warehouses to know how hard you have to work for little pay. Meanwhile, the boss or CEO is making money off of you and doesn't give a shit that you even exist. I hope that the idea came across in the design. It was a fun design to do and gave me more insight into an already awesome band.

UPDATE: The FIGHT AMP "Blue Collared" shirt design is not just available on their current US tour, but is also available at

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