Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best last year ever!!!

It's a 2012 and still no new designs being posted. It sucks, but the projects that I've been busy with have not been officially been unveiled, so I can't post them up. There IS a lot to look forward to in the new year, though. The new TORCHE lp will be out on Volcom Entertainment in the Spring and the cover that I just finished for it is as crazy as they come. It is a completely different subject matter than I am used to working on, but it has been fun as hell.
Also look out for two re-issue lp's from Kylesa. I have the difficult task of taking two classic albums art and interpreting them into new designs. Honored to have got the nod on the project.
There will be art for HOWL, LAMB OF GOD, SANCTUS BELLUM, HIGH ON FIRE, KYLESA, TORCHE, RED FANG, NOISEAR, and many more in the coming year. It just keeps getting busier.
The THICK AS THIEVES mini print packs will have it's 2nd edition out later in the year and Santos art prints will be coming this Spring/Summer.
Once again look out for me on the road. I will on tour again off and on again throughout the year, so hit me up if you see that a tour that I'm on is coming your way.

Last but not least in any way, THANK YOU to all of you that drive me to keep producing art. Without all of the cool folks out there, this would be in vain. More to come!!!

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