Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New KYLESA design for the Gwar tour.

Spring time and Kylesa are hitting the road again. This time, they'll be direct support for the metal circus that it Gwar and joined by Ghoul. Sounds like one hell of a tour.

The new design "Through Time" is based off of lyrics and ideas from Kylesa's "Time Will Fuse It's Worth" album. Yeah, I know that that was a while ago, but inspiration comes from the strangest places at times. The whole design is about growth, life, and rebirth over time. The roses losing their petals to the fall in an annual cycle, the branches reaching for the sky while growing, to the human being that is intertwined within the growth of their surrounding environments, they are all connected in this perpetual cycle. That connection is shown through the Ouroboros coming from the tears of the woman at the center of the design. Life and rebirth, year after year. Kylesa's lyrics have always struck a chord with me and they seem to provide an endless array of ideas to work with. Believe me, there will be more coming soon.

The designs will be available starting April 12th in New Orleans and you can find the rest of their itinerary here:

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