Thursday, September 20, 2012

New Neurosis song at NPR!!!

Jason and Dave Ed wearing my designs.
NEUROSIS has just released the new track, "At The Well",  from their forthcoming 10th album "Honor Found in Decay". NPR has been killing it the past few years by premiering songs and albums from some of metals top artists. No doubt that they made everyone's day with the news of the Neurosis song. I can tell you that not only was my day made by hearing it, but as soon as I saw their new promo photo I was beyond stoked. Jason Roeder is wearing my "Reptilian" art shirt (he also printed them) and Dave Edwardson is wearing the Kylesa "The Constant" shirt design that I inked. Made my year with that one!

You can hear the new track here:

NEUROSIS "At The Well" from Honor Found In Decay

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