Saturday, May 18, 2013

Torche's new 7" is a good time.

 After all of the snippets of detail have been posted, I still don't think most people were ready for this one. So, here is the art for the new TORCHE 7" coming out on Volcom.

 It's always a blast to work with the Torche guys and this time the ideas took a weird turn. Steve and I took turns throwing out the ideas, which essentially started out with the S&M hummingbird fucking an ear with his condom covered beak. It was quickly changed because like Steve said, "this hummingbird goes in raw!"  The mini gimp mask and chest gear were the first things sketched up and then I thought that a codpiece would bring the look together. I got the idea for the codpiece from W.A.S.P.'s "Animal (Fuck Like A Beast)" single. The saw blade was replaced with the more fitting flower and the tiger stripes replaced with those of a bee. I wanted to add "I suck like a beast" to it, but the lettering would have been lost due to the size. All in all I got to pay homage to codpiece wearing Blackie Lawless.
The nod to Blackie's fashion sense.
 The back cover is where things really took a turn for the awesome. As if it wasn't enough that the cover dons a BDSM bird, he had to be going beyond the peaceful image on front. Then, came the urinal idea. Hey, what kinky hummingbird wouldn't hang out in bathrooms waiting for a golden shower. hahah! Yeah, over the top a bit, but he's so damned cute that you almost forget.
Back cover with the dirty birdie and his bee friend.

Keep an eye out for the official release of the new 7" in July via the Volcom's Vinyl Club. For now here is a link to the first song off of the record.......KEEP UP!


  1. Haha! loving the bee with the upside down paddle, great touches

    1. Thanks! The Torche guys are fun as hell to design for. They have the strangest ideas.