Thursday, September 12, 2013

Kvelertak's space owl.

 Now that I'm settled into my new art room, the designs have been being pumped out at a quick rate. Take for example the new "Space Owl" design for Kevelrtak. It took only one week to complete as they needed it in a time crunch. Erlend gave me the idea of a sci-fi/robot owl and the first thing that came to mind was more inspired by Bubo from the 1981 Clash Of The Titans movie than a new style mech owl. I also wanted to reference a real owl, so I added the horned owl skull in it's talons along with the real owl's claws attached by thin ropes to the it's jawbone. I wanted it to be sort of a "machine conquering flesh" sort of vibe going on in the design.

The guys are really happy with it and i'm hoping that they'll have them when they head to Australia on Saturday. If not, then they should have them on their upcoming US tour with High On Fire starting November 10th.

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