Friday, April 24, 2009

Kylesa Backdrop

The new Kylesa "Killer Of Love" design has been made into a backdrop. Phillip said that they weren't able to put it up on the Mastodon tour (Mastodon has an L.E.D.-type screen as their backdrop), but they will have it up when they play shows outside of that tour. He did inform me of a short video on, though. It's from a performance in Birmingham, Alabama, that has the backdrop hanging up while they play. The video is short, but you can see it behind them. They told me that they were really excited about it and hoped that I would be able to see it the next time they play in Seattle.

The new design is also available at While you're there you can also purchase the new design "Sensation" from YZR Craftsman. Yuzuru and I have 2 designs each, available on the Mastodon/Kylesa tour.

I am currently working on a shirt design for Cobalt from Denver, Colorado. You can find out more about them at .

Oh, and kidney stones suck!

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