Saturday, January 23, 2010

The busy season.

The month of January isn't over and already 2010 is getting off to a great start. I've been busier than I have ever been and big projects are coming my way almost every week. It's been a good month so far.

At the moment, I'm busy inking the Cobalt "Pregnant Insect" design. This design has been in the works for months now with Erik, Phillip, and I communicating back and forth on the final design. It should be done in the next week and Phillip said that they will be printing the shirts soon after its completion. I will post the image and link to purchase the shirts when they are for sale.

The sketch detail above is from the new "Bastard Samurai" design for High On Fire. I've been working on some new designs for them for a few weeks and have two solid sketches that will be used along with a couple more ideas that are still to come. To help the process along, Des has sent me the High On Fire "Snakes For The Divine" album. It is amazing! I love High On Fire and have liked the last couple of albums, but this album is as solid as they come. The music combined with Matt's descriptive lyrics are invaluable when coming up ideas for designs. I have to thank Des for getting that to me me early. It helps so much. So, on February 23rd go out and pick up "Snakes For The Divine." It's damned worth it.

I was informed this week that Bad Acid Magazine tab 9 will be out April 1st worldwide. Bad Acid Magazine is out of the UK and run by a super-cool guy named Dave. The magazine is incredible. It's filled with interviews, reviews, news, new bands, old bands, obscure bands, you name it. Plus each issue comes with a CD filled with tons of bands and a DVD that contains interviews, videos, short films, and art galleries. Not to mention that tab 9 features a cover, an interview, and an art gallery done by yours truly. I was told to find some music to accompany my art slideshow so I need to find a heavy band that will go with the mood of the art. We'll see who answers the call.

Ryan Kasparian from Blackbird Clothing Company ( e-mailed a month ago to ask if I would be interested in working with BCC in the coming year. Here it is and yes, I am now working with Ryan and BCC. Ryan seems like a cool guy and he does some great work. I'm pretty amped to join the roster of sick artists that BCC already has. It should be a good time and it looks like it may lead to a collaboration with Ryan in the near future. Ryan will also be the one printing my design for Kuma's Corner when it's ready.

And last but not least, I received a call from Phillip Cope the other day and he asked me if I would like to design the cover for the new Kylesa album due out later this year. Of course, I said YES! From talking to Phillip it looks like the cover art will be a bit different from what I am used to doing, but it'll be a great challenge and will make me think outside of the arena of my normal habits & subject matter. I am looking forward to it and can't tell you how happy that news made me! They are one of my favorite bands and a great group of people. It should be a fun process.

That's all for now.

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