Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The armed wolves are pushing through your head.

  No sleep seemed like the perfect end to a design that took close to a year to complete. That might be due to the revisions and complete change of artistic flow halfway into the first idea, leading me to rethink the design altogether. I'm glad that that happened. "Pregnant Insect" is the new t-shirt design for Colorado's Cobalt (www.myspace.com/stinktown666)  and spawned from the lyrics to the song from their "Gin" cd (Profound Lore Records).  I liked the idea of the beetle in the center spawning the dead and being tied to the female, who is spawning her own dead. The thought that I wanted to keep in the image was that of the parallels between the spread of humans and insects throughout their environments. Mainly the thought of them being like plagues to the Earth. The constant birthing of either species is symbolized by the ovum that that the beetle is centered within and is also the point where the two bodies join. Some of the other images come directly from the lyrics. The eye and coca plants that the skeletons are holding were influenced by the cocaine/up all night excess that the lyrics suggest.  Now that I solely work on art, I was able to take time to get into the piece and detail the hell out of it. You can order/pre-order shirts here: www.hoodedinoil.com
  I have been working with Des from High On Fire on their new design and Mark Morton on a  Lamb Of God for the past few months and the final sketches will be done here in the next week. Immediately after that I will be drawing up the cover and logo for Sanctus Bellum (www.myspace.com/sanctusbellum) from Houston, Texas. Good times in February.

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