Friday, June 18, 2010

Old is new again.

 I'm knee deep in ink and hoping to get the 3rd and final panel for the new Kylesa done by the weekend. Thrown into that was a re-visiting of sorts of an older design. Seeing as the "Only One II" design was a more simple design and only used on the front of their "Only One" hoodies, Phillip asked if I could do something to add to the original art. What they got is the "Only On The Inside" shirt design that will be available on their European tour (July 10th). You might notice that this version of the art in the center doesn't have beams of light streaming from the heart. I decided to take them out as I didn't care for the way that they came out when printed on the hoodies. I also noticed that the beams created too much havoc on the eyes when thrown into the ribcage border. All in all, I think that the additions to the old design have given it a new life.
 3 days for a highly detailed 2nd cover/3rd panel. Then, scan, clean, set-up, and send out. Wish me luck.

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