Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Supposed to be summer.

 While the rest of you are probably enjoying the warm spring weather, I've been inside watching the rain come down. I guess that it's a good thing as I'm still in the throes of inking the new Kylesa LP cover. 3 panels of detailed, surreal trees. It's been a good time as Phillip from Kylesa and Sabiene from Season Of Mist  have included me and my input on the packaging and set up of the cover. It's going to be a trippy cover to go along with the new  trippy album. I wish that I could say that I'll post the cover when I get done, but we have to wait until they "officially" announce the cover art. Keep an eye out.
 A few years back I made 25 sticker packs that included 5 stickers and a 2 color print on vinyl. Needless to say, they sold out fast. Well, I'm going to be making another round of sticker packs soon. I'm not sure if  I'm going to make all new designs or use some detail images from past designs. It may be a little of both. If you have any design that you would like to see included in the sticker packs, feel free to email me. 
 Prints are coming soon, too.
Back into The Womb (art room) to listen to the rain and let the ink flow like the blood of my enemies.

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