Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Ladies' Choice

If you live in or around Seattle and don't already know the name Adam Bass or "Superfan", you must not go to shows. Adam is a fixture in the Seattle music scene as is his booking/promotion/label, LADIES' CHOICE. He and co-owner Colin Bush have been setting up shows for a wide variety of local, national, and international acts and have also found time to release a few records under the LC moniker. After 7 years, they finally asked about getting a logo done.

The logo is a bit of silly theme, but one that seems to match the fun spirit of Adam and Colin. Not to mention that the logo and tag-line are on par with a lot of the shirts that Adam sports around town.

Aside from just the label, Adam is one of the best guys around. We're talking about a guy who attends and supports most of the shows in Seattle. Sure, it's mostly bands of the heavier genres but he's there week in and week out. Even if there are 2-3 shows going on in a night, he'll find a way to go to all of them AND buy merch on top of that. Not only can the man run LC in the best way possible but he is also one of the best allies that you could have in this town. He'll get the word out about your show, he'll get people there, he'll flier, he'll book you a show, he'll get you stoned, and he will support your band year after year. The music scene in Seattle wouldn't be the same without him and wouldn't be the same without Ladies' Choice in the mix.

So bands, the next time that you come through Seattle and you have a guy named Adam come and talk to you, take a minute to say hello. Odds are that half the people at the show were there because he informed them of it.