Sunday, May 13, 2012

Noisear's new piece of grind.

I always like working with close friends. There's something about the ability to work on a project for someone that you know lot about and knowing just what they're looking for. This has been the case with Albuquerque's NOISEAR.

This is now the 3rd full length cover that I've done for the guys and each time starts the same way. Dorian usually sends me an email with a list of random ideas related to the imagery that they would like to project. He gives me the working title and will send the music (depending on if it's recorded or not) to get me started. Then, Dorian and I usually go back and forth on ideas and call/text until we get the idea at a solid point. It's funny because when he gives me the title of the album, I tend to ignore the list of ideas that he gave me to start, and go with an image that fits the name of the album. Sure, i'll go and try to find a way to include something from his list, but it's worked out much better with just ideas based off of the title. Dorian never seems to mind.

To me, NOISEAR's Turbulent Insurgence was easy to work with considering the state that the world is in. All I have to do is pick up a paper or watch the news to see how one sided this world is becoming and the escalation of the police and military presence on the ground. The center figure is representative of the controlling corporate elite backed presidential pawn. A central figure who controls his people by spewing fear and lies while being backed up by the heavy hand of the police state. A drone stands behind his head as his "eye in the sky" and a symbol of the surveillance and fear from above. All of this while dealing with a population of prisoners who have become only another number beneath him. I'm not sure if people will notice, but The three figures are set within the shape of a spade. My thought on that was of the death card, the ace of spades. The death of free speech, the death of one's right to protest, the death of privacy, I could on and on, but I think that that symbolism speaks for itself. Also included in the cover is zia from the flag of New Mexico. Dorian always asks that it is represented somewhere. It's good to remember where you come from.

Willowtip will be making the announcement soon as to the release date of this slab of sun baked grind. Until then, you can see Dorian and Bryan tear it up with Phobia on their current string of shows. Those guys will always be a slaves to the grind.

New "Turbulent Resurgence" shirt design.

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