Thursday, July 12, 2012

Free Randy Blythe!

Quick drawing. I took the placement of the mic from live photos of Randy.
If any of you have been following the story behind Randy's arrest in the Czech Republic, you know that's it's been a crazy time for him, his friends, and family. There is a lot to the story and as I don't know all of the circumstances, I will not elaborate. But, you can look it up and read up on it later.

For now, I wanted to draw up a little something for them. They've always been really good to me and a few other artists that I know, so I wanted to help by bringing some attention to Randy's situation.

You can help Randy's legal defense by donating here:

You can sign this petition, as well:

Thanks to everyone in their support of Randy. Hoping for the best in this situation. I am also truly sorry for the loss of life, concerning the fan.  Hopefully, everything can be worked out.

UPDATE: Fellow ink slinger, Brian Mercer has taken this simple design and is adding a border to it. We will be giving the design to Mark and the LOG fam for use in any way that they see fit.

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