Thursday, August 16, 2012


With the new THICK AS THIEVES packs being worked on and close to being released, I decided to design a logo that would be used for as long as it's relevant. I've been enjoying working on the first two editions, but am looking forward to curating more.

 I'm going to put in an order for TAT logo stickers after I get the printing done on the packs and will also use the logo in future endeavors related to the THICK AS THIEVES series. In fact, the roster for the third installment is almost complete and a theme has already been chosen.

For now, the second pack is coming along smoothly. PRE-ORDERS for the second edition will be on Tuesday August, 21st, here the EyeBleedInk page. I will also have more info at the new THICK AS THIEVES tumblr page. There's not much up, but that will be changing in the next few weeks.

I'm also starting work on a series of beer labels for a good friend of mine at EPIC ALES. I'm working on the first two labels of a continuing series. The labels will consist of images of more surreal monsters in the vein of Torche's "Harmonicraft" album cover. There is also talk of more beer related projects in the future. It should be fun. And, who doesn't want their art on beer labels?

So, keeping busy on some projects that aren't related to music are in the works. More info to come.

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