Tuesday, August 21, 2012

THICK AS THIEVES: Second Edition mini print packs PRE-ORDERS!!!!

The second edition of the THICK AS THIEVES mini print pack series is now available for pre-order. This installment will see  a new roster of artists, 6 new designs, and the start of the use of a theme. This pack's theme is Childhood Fears and the artists have also written short essays to accompany their intense designs.

The pack will include all original art on six 3 -color prints from:
   -Alison Lilly - Mike Fisher - Christopher Parry - Konstantinos Psichas
   - Demian Johnston - Alexandros Pyromallis
   -16 pg. mini story booklet
  Limited Edition of 50
  All packs are in a 9x9 printed envelope and hand numbered

   *Packs will be shipped early September.*

Order packs here:

The 1st edition is still available here: THICK AS THIEVES first edition
Featuring: Tom Denney, Mark McCormick, Casey McKinley, Glyn Smyth, and me (santos).

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