Sunday, January 27, 2013

Want to hire me? Here's how I do things.

Business practices.

These basic things will ensure that your needs will be met and also to ensure that I am compensated for my time and artistic effort. ALL designs are done by hand and I only use a computer to clean up files and sometimes separate colors for printing. So, please be patient because these designs and the amount of detail takes time.

1.) All projects must be made in advance. I have a schedule that I adhere to and all projects are placed on the list on a first come, first serve basis. If I am contacted about a project that needs to be done asap and breaks into my schedule, a rush fee will be applied. If my schedule is completely full, a rush fee will not be accepted. Get a hold of me as soon as possible. My schedule is usually set for months in advance, so please keep that in mind when figuring out a timeline for your project.

2.) When I take on a project I will ask several questions and will keep in contact until a final sketch is approved. If you have specific ideas, subject matter, or themes that you would like let me know at the start of the sketching process. I like to get as much information as possible and will then research and brainstorm ideas for the design.

For shirt designs, please let me know if it's going to be black and white or color. Front design, front & back, sleeve prints, etc.

For cover designs, let me know if it's going to be a front cover design, front & back, gatefold, etc.
When the final sketch is ready to be okayed, I will send out a small file for the client to go over. I offer one free revision (if needed) at this time. After, the one I have to charge a fee. Sketches, inking designs, and coloring can take up a ton of time, so constant revising after the final sketch has been okayed is frowned upon.

**Please note that I will work with a client on getting the design to fit exactly what the client wants within the sketching process. The revision fee only applies once the sketch is at the final pencils stage. At the time of the final pencils, the client and I should have already worked out most of the details and that is why only one revision will be free. **
The same goes for coloring. For t-shirts, I will offer 3 color palettes to choose from. Please choose which you would like to go with and I will color it to your liking. The same revision rule applies here, too. For covers, please let me know what color palette you would like to go with and we will work it out. If you don't have a preference on colors, I will take care of it.

3.) All projects will be subject to a deposit of 50% the total cost of the commission, before work can be started. This has had to be enforced to eliminate slow pay/timely pay/no pay and to ensure that you get a spot on the current schedule. Also, it's to keep only serious inquiries on my schedule.

4.) All designs that are used for any products besides the item that the design was originally commissioned for may be subject to additional fees.

5.)I require samples of ANY and ALL products (shirts, hoodies, cds, lps, stickers, beer helmets,  ect.) that my designs are printed on.

6.) I DO NOT draw logos into the designs anymore. Logos are added to the design later in the process.

7.) Contact me for pricing on projects at

8.) PLEASE REMEMBER: ALL art is hand drawn. I do not use a computer to draw. I do use a computer to scan, separate layers, and send off files. The detail within the designs take a lot of time to do and often a project will take 2-4 weeks. Once a design is drawn, it usually cannot be changed.

9.) I DON'T do TATTOOS. Long story, but no, I don't do tattoos.

10.) I'm not a graphic designer and I don't have extra or unused designs laying around. Each design is made specifically for the band that commissioned me and all designs and logos are done by hand.

11.) Payments can be sent using paypal. Files will not be sent until the payment is deposited into my paypal account. If commission is paying by check, the file will not be sent until the check arrives.

12.) A "KILL FEE" will be applied to any project that goes to fruition and is declined at the last minute.

**I apply a fee of half of the cost of the project as a kill fee because at the point that the design is finished, the client and I should have had all of the details of the project worked out.**

I try not to be a hard ass and can work with people on pricing, but for the most part the prices that I give are the prices for the amount of work that I'll be doing. I need to adhere to that. I live off of the money that I make from art, so this IS my job.
THANK YOU ALL, again, FOR YOUR INTEREST, INQUIRIES, and SUPPORT!!!! I seriously would not be doing this if it wasn't for all of you!


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