Saturday, August 1, 2009

August first and the ball of fire is out for now.

  Holy shit, it's been hot! It been in the high 90's/low 100's here and we were not prepared. Sitting at an art table with no air or hot air flowing in the window has been hard to take. But now, the temperatures are dropping (not by much) and August is upon us. I have a lot of projects on the schedule still and have to get through a few this month. This week, I will be inking the Smaug logo and attempting to color their cover,  yet again. I have been through so much trying to get this cover done for them and am hoping that this time will be the final attempt. I will also be working on a shirt design for Karim at Better Than Everyone Records, a design for the front of a Kylesa hoodie, a shirt design for Cobalt, and a collaboration with John Baizley for a new Baroness shirt. So, it looks like I will be a busy man for a while. Hopefully, in cooler temperatures.

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