Sunday, August 9, 2009

Progress on the Smaug front & collaborations to do.

  There is progress on the Smaug logo and cover!  This is exciting considering I started it in late 2008 and finished it in May. One of the reasons for the lapse in time was I had spent a whole week and a half, working hours a day coloring the design on the computer. It was the first cover that I had ever tried to color using a computer, so I guess that I should have expected some kind of set back. Anyway, I ended up finishing the cover, saving it to my computer, and walking away for a bit of rest. The next morning, I went to open the file and it was corrupted. I saved the same file a few times just in case something like this happened, but all were corrupted. It had taken so much time, effort, and physical pain to get the cover colored that I kind of snapped. I then tried to color it again on the computer only to have more bad shit happen. So, this design hadn't been too kind and my attempts to finish it ended in me just walking away. It's been too long and I have started to color the image again. This time, I'm coloring it by hand. The way I should have in the first place. It's going really well and I hope to be done with it by the end of the week. I DID finish their new logo, though. I got some ideas from Alton and tried to make a strong and legible font that would go with the cover art and the music. 
 I'll also be finishing up the Tom Denney collaboration, this month. It's been a while since we started it, but it will be finished. Then, I can start work on the collaboration with John Baizley. We will working on a new shirt design for the upcoming Baroness cd and tour. We have been talking and working out all of the logistics of the design and have a good idea that we are now going forward with. The idea comes from the lyrics to "O'er Hell And Hide" and should prove to be a sick piece of art. John also said that we will probably be making the design into prints. Damn! Why do I have a 2nd job?

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