Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Two of the Only One.

  You never know what you can do until you have to make a deadline. I've been so busy with work and art projects that I have a perpetual "full plate" on my hands. It's always good to be busy and better when you're doing what you love for yourself. I have been so busy finishing up the coloring on the Smaug cover, designing the Cobalt shirt, working on the Tom Denney collaboration, sketching a new 3 sided High On Fire shirt, sketching out the I'm Better Than Everyone Records design,  and finishing up my sketches on the collaboration with John Baizely, that I forgot about the new design for the front of the new Kylesa hoodie.
 It took 4 days of intense clawing for ideas, sketching, and inking. In the end, the idea came from the lyrics to "Only One" from the Static Tensions lp, as had the European tour shirt design. The reason for this was that the back of the new hoodie will display the European design front, skeletons from the back of the Euro shirt on the sleeves, and the new design for the front panels on a zipper hoodie. I wanted to make a design for the front that would tie in with the design on back. The new design is framed in and an door shape to match the open door in the woman's chest from the Euro design. It's still a portrait of loneliness, introspection, and despair and is supposed to be contained within the woman's own heart.  The lyrics to the song are:

                                -ONLY ONE-

               Locked into moments seen through and through
               Like darkness shining on you revealing and weeping
               I try to
               Try to see things through and through
               As darkness cloaks the sun I seem the only one
               Brick anchors in wet sand
               Carry through tomorrows end
               Lines of life carving hands
               Clear the path to claim the land.

 I included the lyrics because the two design are based off of the song and one another and I find it important to let the bands own words assist me in creating a design that specifically fits them. I can't wait to see the hoodies once they are finished. That'll be October 5th, when they play Chop Suey with Red Fang, Bison BC, & Iron lung. Go see them when they come to your town and buy a poster as well. The posters will be screenprinted and include the "Only One" design with tour dates. You can find tour dates and news on Kylesa at www.kylesa.com.

I really need a vacation.

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