Monday, March 1, 2010

Return To Dust

  I'm so damned happy that I have the time to work on art all day. Since I quit work, I've been able to commit my time to the fine detail that I love so much. Another good example of that would be the new cover for the Sanctus Bellum "Return To Dust" LP/CD. Justin has been super helpful in giving me ideas for the cover and I'm glad that the final design came out so well. Looking at the piece as soon as I was done I noticed that from afar it looks like a Cthulu skull in the background. Another unintentional image I guess. Well, the new album looks to be a stoner-rific good time and you can check out some tracks at
 As usual, I have a few days of rest ahead. Then, The High On Fire "Bastard Samurai" shirt design will be inked. For now, I think that I have to go outside.

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