Sunday, June 10, 2012

A decade of art for HIGH ON FIRE.

The design was called the "Santos" by Des. It took 42 hours to ink sitting on a couch.
10 years ago this month, I inked my first HIGH ON FIRE design. The design ended up being used for a couple of years and sold a ton of shirts in different styles and on many tours. I have a short sleeve, baseball jersey, and a long sleeve with sleeve prints and hand drawn tour dates on back for their European Tour in 2005. It's the first piece to take me to the next level in my progress and is how I was able to start doing some work for Kylesa.

I remember finding out that Pike had started a new band and eventually picked up the Man's Ruin release of Art Of Self Defense. From the moment that I threw that cd on, I was hooked. They toured through Denver but most of their shows were sold out asap due to playing small as fuck bars. I finally was able to catch them a few times and one night while doing a two night stint at the 15th St. Tavern with Jucifer, I decided to ask if they needed art. Pike was behind the merch table smoking a cigarette and I just straight up asked if they needed any art (that's how I used to do it in those days). Pike said "Nope" and I turned and left. I must have looked like Charlie Brown walking away with that sad music playing, because Pike called me back and told me to draw something up and bring it the next time that they came to town. I did and he and Des loved it. It took about 6 months and a move to the NW until I was able to get them the file. After that, I saw that shirt everywhere. Over the years, many more designs have been made and I still have to thank Pike for that first chance.

Thanks Pike, Des, Jeff, and George. I'm thankful for the opportunity to work for an incredible band and an amazing group of guys & friends. You all helped me along this path.

The new design that I'm currently working on is in part a homage to this first design.

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