Monday, June 4, 2012

Two nights of SLEEP.

SLEEP - Night one at Neumo's
The awesome Infinite Productions is celebrating it's 25 year of promotions with one of the best month for shows in years. Red Fang kicked it off by tearing up the Highline on the 1st. The crown jewel on the schedule was a two night stay from SLEEP. Not only did they kill it tonight (night 1), but they'll be back tomorrow night performing an entirely different set.
 If you're able to see them live or were able to catch them in the past month, you'll know that they have my design for sale. Jason was cool enough to hook me up with some merch and also brought me a couple of goodies back from Europe. One being a tote bag with my "Beyond" design and a mission patch from ATP.

I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to work with such an incredible band and amazing group of friends.

UPDATE: Night 2 was loud and heavier than night one. If that's even possible. The vibe seemed to be flowing more as classics and a few new tunes, expanded past their original point to elongate into improvisational beasts of puff riffs.
 My body the morning after feels like I've been trampled by elephants.
SLEEP - Night two - Heavier than night one.
Middle pic: Tote, shirt, and hoodie with my "Beyond" deisgn.
Bottom pic: SLEEP mission III: Europa patch.


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