Sunday, March 21, 2010

All That Is Heavy & Bad Acid.

This morning, my best friend Jenny sent me an email that she received from All That Is Heavy
 ( ). I had forgot about these postcards, but it looks like they are available now when anyone orders from their online store. Here is the direct link to the postcard page : ATIH started the idea of postcard prints as a way to cut down the amount of waste that their postcards were creating. They said that they were sending out postcards with orders and realized that people were just throwing them out. So, they came up with the idea of getting some artists together to donate images for limited edition postcards. The postcards are included in every order and are printed on recycled paper. Other artists in the series include David D'Andrea, Arik Roper, and Malleus. 

  The other good news that I received was an email from Dave at Bad Acid Magazine in the UK. It was an email announcing that Tab 9 is out and available now. I had been asked a little over a two years ago to design Tab 9's cover and now it is finally out. For those of you who haven't run into any issues, Bad Acid is a music magazine crammed full of music and insights on bands and the music scene around the world. Every issue comes with tons of interviews, reviews, news, a 90 minute dvd (containing music videos, short films, and art galleries), and a compilation cd with 64 bands. 
 As well as doing the cover, I have an interview and an art gallery on the dvd. The art gallery goes through my portfolio and is set to Lesbian's cover of "Bad Man". I thank those guys, again, for donating that song to the project. You can see the cover and order an issue at .

 I couldn't finish this post without announcing that I'll be doing a shirt for the Southern sludge masters, Buzzov-en. That may not seem exciting to a lot of people out there, but they were one of my favorite bands until they broke up a few years ago. They're back and putting out a new record this year along side the Relapse release of their recoding sessions pre-1995 called "Violence From The Vault". It'll be great to hear some new music from them and be able to draw them up a design. 

  Oh, and I'm in the process of working up some prints of the new High On Fire "Bastard Samurai" design. I'll post more when they are close to being printed. 

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